SkinSincere is the creation of business graduate and beauty therapist Gemma Allies, who left her career in marketing to pursue her dream of creating a skincare brand. A lifelong sufferer of eczema and sensitive skin, Gemma was determined to discover a solution to her skincare struggles.

Disillusioned by the ethics of previous employers, and driven by a passion for the beauty industry, Gemma set out to develop a brand that compromised on neither its principles nor results. She began researching consumer trends and conducting market research in 2013, to discover if there were other women in her position, struggling to find accessible solutions for their skin complaints.

Finally, in Summer 2014 Gemma left behind her life in Manchester to pursue her dream of self-employment. While taking time out living and working in Italy, Gemma began putting together the makings of a viable business plan. After receiving funding and mentoring support from Virgin startup group, SkinSincere was launched in July 2015.

Since then, SkinSincere has retailed to both salons and consumers across the UK, with its presence continuing to grow, and exporting plans on the horizon. In November 2016, Gemma opened the doors to the first SkinSincere salon, offering treatments incorporating her popular products. With a brand new salon training facility SkinSincere Academy supporting her clients, and a growing demand for the products, the brand continues to innovate, putting its beloved customers at the forefront.